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We have now visited over 30 countries and have written travel tips regarding accommodations, transportation, places to eat, and must-see places to visit.  This section is a work in progress, as we are working to make it easier to find articles.  For now, you can find some of our recent travel tips below.  You can also do a search to find information about the location of your interest!  Thanks for visiting. 🙂

Jadrolinija Ferry & Iris Doris Aparments- Hvar Island, Croatia

By Heidi | September 8, 2010

Jadrolinija Ferry to Hvar Island The next day, May 31, 2010, we boarded the Jadrolinija Ferry in Split to Hvar Island.  We caught the 2:00pm ferry and the tickets were 22KN/person.  We were surprised when the return tickets from Hvar to Split were 47KN/person for the 1:45pm ferry.  The lady at the ticket office explained […]

Bus from Mostar to Split

By Joji | September 6, 2010

On May 30th we boarded the bus from Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina to Split, Croatia. Bus tickets were purchased on our arrival in Mostar so we wouldn’t have to return to the station until departure time.  The cost was 44 KM for the both of us and they only accept cash. We had to pay […]

Bus from Dubrovnik to Mostar

By Heidi | August 29, 2010

On May 29, 2010 we took a bus north from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina. We purchased our tickets directly from the Dubrovnik Bus Station for  79 Kuna/person and they don’t take credit cards.  You also need to pay 1 euro (or 8 kuna) for any bags that you have stowed in the […]

Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro

By Heidi | August 24, 2010

For the first half of the day on May 25, 2010 we went on a little excursion from Budva to neighboring Sveti Stefan.  We caught an Olimpia Express bus along the main road running parallel to the coast, Jadranski put road. Sveti Stefan Island was once inhabited by fishermen, before being nationalized and turned into […]

Day Train from Belgrade to Bar

By Heidi | June 29, 2010

We purchased our train tickets for Belgrade, Serbia to Bar, Montenegro from the main train station in Belgrade for 36 Euros for the 2 of us.  They don’t accept credit cards, but there is an ATM machine located across the way from the ticket booth.  We opted for the day train since we had heard […]

Train from Budapest to Belgrade

By Heidi | June 27, 2010

Probably the easiest way to buy train tickets for Budapest to Belgrade is to visit the ticket office in Budapest, which is located in Keleti Station and this is also the departure location.  If you enter through the main entrance the international ticket office is hidden on the left side behind some food shops.  There […]

Buda- Budapest, Hungary

By Heidi | June 8, 2010

The capital city of Hungary, Budapest, got its name when three cities which had grown together were united: Buda, west of the Danube River; Obuda, Buda’s oldest neighborhood to the north; and Pest, on the eastern side of the river. On May 19th we explored the Buda side of Budapest.  We purchased 24 hr transportation […]

Orangeways Bus from Vienna to Budapest- Review

By Joji | June 7, 2010

We purchased our Orangeways Bus tickets for Vienna to Budapest online at  They have an English version of their website and it is very easy to navigate!  You can even choose your seats online!  For 2 tickets we only paid 5,000 HUF, which is about $22 USD –  a bargain compared to many other […]

Linz to Vienna by Einfach Raus Ticket (ERT) – The Cheap Way!

By Heidi | June 6, 2010

If you search for a regular train ticket on the OBB website for Linz to Vienna, many options will appear, but the regular price for tickets are 34 Euros/person!  That is a lot of money for a short distance!  Fortunately, after doing some searching on the web (here is a great website with tons of […]

Cesky Krumlov to Linz by Private Van

By Heidi | June 6, 2010

When you are looking to book a van from Cesky Krumlov, remember that there are many private transportation companies after your tourist Koruna and so the prices maybe lower than what is quoted on their websites!  Make sure you ask!  We tried to book with a company called CK Shuttle ( but they never responded […]

Bus from Prague to Cesky Krumlov

By Joji | June 4, 2010

There are a few ways to get to Cesky Krumlov from Prague, but perhaps the easiest and most direct is by bus.  The Student Agency seems to be the most popular option and the prices are good too at 160 CZK/person (USD $7.56).  This was our first option from all the great reviews about the […]

Train from Krakow to Prague

By Heidi | June 2, 2010

by Joji There is no direct train from Krakow to Prague so the best we could find was a morning train that left Krakow Glowny at 9:44am and arrived at Katowice at 11:44am.  From Katowice we changed trains at 12:15pm for a 6 hour train ride into Prague.  It is a good thing that our […]

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