Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro

For the first half of the day on May 25, 2010 we went on a little excursion from Budva to neighboring Sveti Stefan.  We caught an Olimpia Express bus along the main road running parallel to the coast, Jadranski put road.

George Waiting at the bus stop
Olimpia Express Bus

Sveti Stefan Island was once inhabited by fishermen, before being nationalized and turned into a luxury hotel.  When we visited it was under renovation and once the resort reopens, there will likely be a day rate, if you want to go onto the island to look around.  We were happy viewing and photographing it from the beaches along the shoreline.

Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro
The Beach near Sveti Stefan Island

We had thought about hanging out on the beach, but the water was too chilly to be inviting to swim in and the rocky beach was crowded with tourist groups, so we went for a walk instead.  We walked along the beach heading back in the direction of Budva.

Sveti Stefan Island through the Trees

We came across a hotel with its own nice private beach.  From there we cut back up to the road and were able to flag down an Olimpia Express bus heading back into Budva.

Private Beach and Hotel, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

The real adventure of the day was our second outing…

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