Rushing to prepare for our December 10th departure!  We were able to get our Thai Tourist Visas without much hassle, with the help of Justin, who took our applications to the Royal Thai Consulate in Los Angeles.  There is a $35 fee paid by money order or cashier’s check and one day turn around if submitted in-person.  Now our passports are at the Vietnam Consulate in San Francisco awaiting tourists visas.  There is an $85 fee and it takes 3 days to process.  We opened a Citibank account today, since they have ATMs in SE Asia, including in 7-Eleven stores.  There is a 3% conversion fee and $1.50 per withdrawal fee from a non-Citi ATM, which is comparable to other banks we researched.  Now we are working on reducing our luggage to fit in 2 medium sized suit cases and 2 carry-ons.  Still more details to figure out!

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