Hot Air Balloon Ride, Yangshuo, China

May 8, 2009

We liked the scenery in Yangshuo so much that the next day we decided to tour it in another exciting way– in a hot air balloon!  The cost was US $75/ person, which is much more than we normally spend on this trip, but probably a bargain compared to prices back home.  Our balloon had just 5 people in it- the driver, one other couple, and us.  I was shocked how close the flames get to your head when you are standing inside the balloon.  They ought to warn people not to wear hairspray, cause that could be very bad!  The views were amazing from up in the air, even with the slight haze, but again I remembered that I am afraid of heights!  I took silly photos of myself to keep me from thinking about the fact that we were so high off the ground with only a basket under our feet and a balloon of hot air to keep us in the sky.  The ride was amazing and if you are going to try hot air ballooning, we highly recommend Yangshuo as the place to try it!

Preparing the Hot Air Balloon


Firing up the hot air balloon


Hot Air Balloon Ready to Fly


Heidi Ready for Lift-Off in the Hot Air Balloon


Leaving the Ground in the Hot Air Balloon
Beautiful Scenery from the Hot Air Balloon, Yangshuo, China


Limestone Karsts Seen from the Hot Air Balloon in Yangshuo, China
Lookig Down on Another Hot Air Balloon in Yangshuo, China


Market that we Flew Over in the Hot Air Balloon, Yangshuo, China


George and Heidi Floating Above the Ground in Yangshuo, China
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