Arriving in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Things got off to a bad start when we arrived in Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogjakarta, or Jogja for short).  When we arrived at the train station it was pouring rain!  We found a taxi driver to take us the short distance to our hotel, but the small alley ways leading to the hotel were flooded and the driver couldn’t pull all the way up in front of the hotel, so we had to walk through water about a foot deep to get inside.  We had booked the Merapi Hotel since it was cheap (about $12 usd), but it was very bare bones.  We even had to pay extra to get toilet paper!  We sat soaking wet and miserable in our little room for a while, until the rain died down some and we headed out to find dinner, this time with our rain ponchos on.  We had planned to stay at Merapi for two nights, but not if we had to swim to get to our room … and paying for toilet paper!??

While walking around we began looking for other accommodations and we found the much nicer and newer Malioboro Hotel which had WiFi, so we booked it for the following night (3x the price of Merapi but worth it). The Malioboro Hotel is on one of the main roads,  Sosrowijayan – most of the cheaper backpacker accommodations are on this street as well, which has many good cheap eats and is also very close to the railroad station.

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