Kayaking trip in search of Irrawaddy Dolphins

Our major excursion from Kuching was a kayaking trip in search of Irrawaddy Dolphins.  We really hoped to see some of these rare dolphins, but our guides didn’t seem to have much experience in finding them, and the oncoming storm didn’t help either.  The Irrawaddy Dolphins are found in coastal areas and estuaries, which was the type of habitat we were looking in, but none to be found!  We had thought that Irrawaddy Dolphins were fresh water dolphins, but it turns out they are technically oceanic creatures, who will go inland up rivers.  Also, there are some sub populations that live in rivers, including the Mekong, which were the ones we had originally heard about while in Vietnam.

Our kayaking guides
Our kayaking guides and fishermen in the distance
George hoping to see dolphins
George hoping to see dolphins
View from our kayak
View of mangroves from our kayak
Kayaking in Sarawak, Borneo

Even though we didn’t see any dolphins, the scenery was beautiful until it began to rain after about 3 hours of paddling … Then it started to rain very hard and we headed back to shore as quickly as possible!

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